New Beginnings and Goodbyes

Today you and I went to a party for my friends and their new baby girl. The party was both a baptism and going away party. My friends, who I have known since high school, are moving out-of-state and we will probably not see much of them anymore. They are busy people, we are busy people, and living a long ways away from each other makes it even more difficult to find time to spend together.

I am a very proud father and I am sure everyone around me knows it. I am “that” dad who has to show everyone pictures of his kids and every story anyone else shares about their children somehow relates to my own. I love being able to share you with the world and share the world with you. Everyone who meets you can’t help but smile. You bring joy to the world.

At the party we played, we talked, and we swam. You have started eating more new foods. Your mother bought you these little flavored cereal puffs, almost like Cheerios which you really enjoy. It was so fun to watch you learn how to chew food. While I ate my big person food you sat in your stroller and ate your puffs and sipped your water. You have been able to hold and drink from your own sippy cup for a while now. Lately you have even been holding your bottles yourself.

By the time you and I got in the pool everyone else was done swimming which meant we had the whole pool to ourselves to play in. You have been doing really well in our swim classes. You are learning to kick and splash the water and even getting better about floating on our back. I kind of wish you would not drink so much of the water. I don’t think it will hurt you but it is probably not making your tommy feel so great.

After we went swimming you had a bottle and fell asleep on my shoulder. My friends and I talked about old times and new. I got to see the new baby and say goodbye to my friends. Not too long after you woke up you decided you had enough excitement for one day and we headed home.

I have been very fortunate in my years to have had most of my friends and family stay close to home while I was growing up. Over time however people have moved on as have I, but the memories remain (hopefully). It is always sad to see someone leave your life but all we can do is enjoy the time we have with the people we love. Fortunately technology such as the internet and websites like Facebook make it possible for us to stay at least somewhat connected with friends even if they have moved half a world away.

– Dad