One Year Old

I can’t believe it. You have been a part of my life for a whole year already. While I am so excited about you growing up, I think I have said before, it is also really scary.

We had a big party for you today. Your mother and I wanted to celebrate you as much as possible. There were so many people packed into our house, it was standing room only. If we had the space we would have invited everyone we know. Maybe we would have even pulled people off the streets just to show the world how amazing our little girl is.

Everyone who came to the party wanted to hug and hold you, and all you wanted to do was hug the babies. Something I had to remind your mother on several occasions is that you are still so young you will probably not remember any of the party, so any of our worries and concerns about what doesn’t go according to plan or if the house doesn’t look just right just don’t matter to anyone but us. However, even though you wont remember the party I still hope you will remember the love that all of those people have for you.

We did all of the traditional things at a birthday party. You had cake. Oh boy did you have cake! And you opened your presents. After the first five or so presents you started to get board, which is better than I thought you would do. But you were very interested in tearing the paper. You made sure to give a hug to every stuffed animal that you got. The best part though had to be when your uncles brought in the presents from Grandpa, Grandma, and your aunts and uncle. The look on your face was priceless. I am not sure if you were excited because you understood what the gifts were or if you were just mesmerized by the button on the toy blender that the other kids were pushing. Your eyes were wide, your gaze was fixed, and you had your arms spread out and palms turned up like “THIS IS AMAZING!”.

After the party was over and everyone had left, you took a short nap. Probably short because your mind was reeling over all of the new stuff you had to play with. After your nap I think you played with just about every new toy you got.

Everything is worth it just to see you happy. To quote your grandpa, “Life should be like this everyday!!”

– Dad