Swimming Class

Yesterday we had our first day of swim class, again. The first time we had swim class you got sick and we had to miss several days, then I was busy, so we ended up just getting a credit for the class so we could sign up for a different time. Well that time has come.

This time it was just you and me for the first class, which was pretty challenging. I drove us to the school in our regular clothes and we had to change in the locker room. I didn’t want to set you down on the gross locker room floor, who knows what those middle school boys do in there. So I had to perform a juggling act between getting you changed, getting myself changed, and not dropping you on the floor.

Once we got in the water we started to have fun. You have always really like the water. You splashed and kicked your feet. You really liked being on your tummy, except when you would dunk your head in the water and realized you couldn’t breath. We bounced around in circles. I tossed you up in the air and caught you. We played chase with a rubber ducky. The one thing you really didn’t want to do this time was float on your back. I am not sure why but it seemed like you really didn’t want the water to go in your ears, which is probably good since we don’t want you getting more ear infections.

Even though the water was not as warm as the other pool I think we still had a fun time. Six more weeks before the class is over and I am sure you will love the water even more. It means so much to me that I get to do these kind of things with you, my little girl.

– Dad