Writers Block

It has been a while since I have written to you. I really have no good excuse. I think about you so much and I think of things I want to tell you all the time but yet I don’t sit down and write to you.

Maybe I am afraid that I will write something stupid. Or maybe I am worried that all of my letters to you will seem negative or unhappy. Well, here are a few happy things I can tell you about.

You are growing and getting so smart. Everyday you say new words and you get more cleaver all the time. You walk around the house like you own the place. We decided that we should get a shorter table because you insisted on climbing up the tall chairs. Having cracked my own skull as a child your age I feel more comfortable with you climbing up on the shorter chairs. Your mother and I want to do everything we can to nurture you into a beautiful and intelligent women.

You have a little brother on the way and I know you are going to love him so much. You are so curious about the babies at daycare. You are capable of such compassion and tenderness even at your young age. I hope you don’t let jealousy get the better of you. You and your baby brother are going to be best friends. I saw a TED talk the other day that was about the bond that siblings have and how it shapes us. It’s true that there will be no one who is a part of your life for a longer period than your siblings. Love and cherish him.

The favorite part of my day by far is coming home to your smile. When I walk in the door you call for me and run to the railing. You can’t wait for me to get my coat and shoes off and come up the stairs to lift you into my arms. I am going to have serious back issues when you get bigger because I am not going to stop picking you up until you stop wanting me to.

– Dad